Welcome to the universe of the French juggler Mickael Bellemene!

Mickael grew up on Reunion Island, a small French paradise off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian ocean.

He discovered the juggling world as a teenager, with an avid interest in the 'Diabolo', more famously known as the 'Chinese Yo-Yo'.

At the age of 20, after many years of practice, he travelled to England, the first stop on his adventure away from home. There, he met his friend Oz, who introduced him to 'Contact Juggling', a discipline involving a clear crystal ball that seemed to magically revolve and hover at his will.

At this point, Mickael realized the potential to live his juggling dream, and expanded his capacity by training in other similar disciplines such as Rings and Fire-Staff.

After a few burns, being able to control this natural element amplified his passion and gave him the confidence to start showing his skills in public.

In 2008, Mickael arrived in Paris, a city full of jugglers and artists who would soon become his friends and inspirations.

It was with one of them, Fred, that he put together a Diabolo and Contact Juggling act, full of hilarity, which they performed for more than 2 years on the streets of the French capital city.

Sharing his art and connecting with people has continuously motivated him through the years, and in 2010, he receives an unexpected call from Hong Kong Disneyland, in China, to perform as a full time artiste alongside his juggling companions Nico Pires and Luis Reis.

Strengthened from all his experiences and now based in Singapore, he presents his shows worldwide and continues to share his love for juggling to all types of audiences!

A visually poetic spectacle that integrates emotion, humour and a dexterity unimaginable. Let yourself be transported into a realm where magic and poetry combine to create an imperishable visual souvenir.

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